Learn to Launch Your Own Product
Our step by step crowdfunding system that's raised $7,323,112 in one year
Matt Raised $820,872 from 17,380 Backers
"Prior to working with LaunchBoom my experience with crowdfunding was at a zero. From the very beginning, they guided me every step along the way and made sure that I had a clear understanding of every move we made. When considering launching a campaign the issue of trust plays a large role with regards to capital spent, capital raised and of course protecting your brand. LaunchBoom knocked all three out of the park!"
Matt Dryfhout
Founder of BaKblade 2.0
An 8-Week Online Course That Teaches You Everything You Need To Launch Your Own Crowdfunding Campaign

Build Your Foundation

• Consumer Based Brand Equity framework questionnaire
• Form initial hypothesis to position your product
• Create your Tribe Leader

Run Your Own Facebook Ads

• Research techniques to model top performing ads
• Easily run your own Facebook Ads
• Framework for testing, optimizing, and scaling ads

Build a Pre-Launch Email List

• Setup your own landing page to start collecting emails
• Create a Lead Offer that converts
• Run your own A/B testing for FREE

Nurture Using Email Marketing

• Hook your email marketing software to your landing page
• Setup email automation sequences
• Position your emails to build hype for your launch

Have a LaunchBoom

• Launch email strategy
• Which emails to send and when
• Track which emails convert using a simple hack

Continue Sending Traffic with Facebook

• Understand the 3 distinct phases for Campaign Ads
• How to Track the ROI of Facebook Ads
• Setup your live campaign landing page funnel

Keep Momentum Going

• Campaign update strategy and templates
• Cross-promotion strategy
• Upselling during the live campaign

End The Campaign Strong

• How to effectively use urgency in your email marketing 
• End of campaign promotion strategy
• Preparing for post-campaign success

Reward & Pricing Strategy

• Structure your rewards for maximum success
• Understand your margin using our pricing calculators
• Find accurate shipping rates

Design Your Campaign Page

• Anatomy of a high converting campaign page design
• Small elements most campaigns miss that increase conversion
• Top performing campaign page template

Prepare Your Campaign To Launch

• Choose your funding goal
• When to submit your campaign for approval
• How to choose your launch date and time

Setup Your Analytics & Tracking

• Setup your analytics and tracking correctly before you launch
• Accurately track ROI of all external marketing channels
• FREE Google Analytics dashboard

Continue To Sell More Product

• Setup your campaign on Indiegogo InDemand
• Tap into Indiegogo InDemand's newsletters
• Use secret perks to build high converting funnels

Upsell Your Backers More Product

• Step-by-step guide to setting up BackerKit software
• Upsell strategy to maximize conversion
• Setting up BackerKit with Indiegogo InDemand for automated upselling
Kevin has raised $1,037,093 across 5 different campaigns
"Kickstarter is extremely hard to manage without prior knowledge. Minor details and tweaks can result in exponential results because LaunchBoom will optimize your campaign to be exposed to more of the Kickstarter community of backers. Since working with LaunchBoom, it's been amazing to see how much knowledge and VALUABLE assets like Facebook audiences, landing page templates etc. they bring to our campaigns. Their experience with other campaigns and valuable assets they bring to our product launches provide DIRECT EXPONENTIAL results in sales. Save yourself the struggle and at least get a free consultation from them, and I bet you’ll be happy you did.”
Kevin Liang
Founder of ADI
Bubba raised $270,942 from 2,637 backers on Kickstarter & Indiegogo
The opportunity to work with LaunchBoom in planning and executing our campaign has made all the difference for our company. The extensive experience, knowledge, creativity and dedication of their team opened our eyes to a world of opportunity and just how powerful a true partnership can be. Beyond the numbers and campaign results, I can say with certainty that our experience with LaunchBoom brought to life the very best in our team and created opportunities that forever changed the trajectory of our company.  We are lucky to have worked with such talented, hungry and passionate people as we took a dream and launched it into reality.
Bubba Albrecht
Founder of Give'r
We are one of only twenty-five Certified Kickstarter Experts.
We are ranked #13 out of 217 Indiegogo Partners after only 1 year of business.
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