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Learn why some entrepreneurs are getting 5x - and up to 20x - more successful crowdfunding campaigns than others.
What do they know that you don't?
Master the “art of crowdfunding” and join the ranks of the most innovative entrepreneurs & big businesses (Coca Cola, P&G, Bose, Legos, and many more) who experience MASSIVE success with Kickstarter & Indiegogo everyday.
Hello fellow entrepreneur,

My name is Mark Pecota, CEO & Co-founder of LaunchBoom - the world’s fastest growing crowdfunding agency & creator of the most successful product launch system. Since 2015, I’ve personally helped thousands of entrepreneurs with their product launches.

You could say I’m a bit obsessed.

As you can probably guess, I’ve learned quite a bit over the years. Because I’ve done a lot of things wrong and thankfully, more things right.

And although I love working directly with entrepreneurs, it ain’t cheap.

So I started looking for a way to work with more entrepreneurs and spread the word about crowdfunding. 

But before I get into that, I have to quickly go back to the beginning...
What’s the deal with crowdfunding?
Well, it all started 4 years ago with this guy...
That’s Kevin. The founder of Aqua Design Innovations and all-around amazing guy.

Before LaunchBoom, I was running a marketing agency and Kevin was actually our first client. One day he called us up and said he had invented something called the EcoQube and he wanted our help to launch it on Kickstarter.

I had heard of Kickstarter before, but we had never launched a product on the platform… but I believed in Kevin so we decided to work on the project.

3 months later we had raised $79,026.
I was blown away. But little did I know that was only the start.

About a year later we launched his new project called EcoQube C with a $20K marketing budget and raised $375,056 on Kickstarter and then an additional $220,825 through BackerKit.
Total we raised $595,883!
That's a 30x ROI!
I was stunned at the power of crowdfunding and how much further our marketing dollars went vs. traditional channels.
But raising a lot of money was only the start.
Okay,” I thought to myself… “there is definitely something here with this crowdfunding thing.

After these two amazing product launches, I had this nagging feeling there was a huge opportunity here. One that I could not only turn into a business, but that more entrepreneurs needed to know about.

Before I made the call to switch business ventures (remember, I was running a marketing agency at the time), I sat down to look at the rest of the benefits.

Here’s what I wrote down:
1) We created all the marketing assets with only a prototype - That’s right. All of the marketing was done with ONE single prototype and we were able to raise that much money.

2) Our client received all the money upfront BEFORE making a purchase order - because of this, our client didn’t have to take a ton of risk by purchasing a large amount of inventory before the launch.

3) We received valuable feedback from our customers about the product - Since we were only pre-selling the product, customers were able to give us valuable feedback that was taken into account when finalizing the product.

4) 30% of the funds came from Kickstarter’s audience - 30% of the entire raise came from people simply browsing Kickstarter. That’s INSANE!

5) Better positioned for BIGGER deals after the campaign - A successful crowdfunding campaign proves that there is a high demand for the product and our client saw bigger opportunities come because of this.
With those reasons sitting in front of me, it was a no-brainer to me that I had to do something in this industry.

One month later, LaunchBoom was born.
We created the most effective product launch system using crowdfunding.
From the start, we decided LaunchBoom was going to pave the way for crowdfunding being used to launch the most successful B2C, mass market products.

So that’s what we did...

And many more campaigns...

But it wasn't all just numbers. Here's what people have to say about working with us...
Unfortunately, LaunchBoom isn’t for everyone.
Like I said before, LaunchBoom ain’t cheap.

But I didn’t want that to stop us from working with more entrepreneurs and giving them access to the same system we use for all our clients.

So we went into the LaunchBoom Labs, and 6 months later we launched…

An Online Training And Community To Learn The EXACT, Step-By-Step Crowdfunding System We Use To Launch 7-Figure Campaigns
As you can guess, there was A LOT of content. Hundreds of videos, templates, guides, homework, etc. to ensure our customers have everything they need to launch a successful crowdfunding campaign.

Since there was so much content, we broke it out into easy to digest courses and tools…

Crowdfunding Masterclass: Learn To Launch A 7-Figure Crowdfunding Campaign

In this 8 week masterclass, you will learn everything you need to know to be considered a crowdfunding expert. It includes the following modules:

Build Your Messaging

• Consumer Based Brand Equity
• Form initial positioning hypothesis 
• Create your Tribe Leader

Build Pre-Launch Email List

• How to setup your web funnel
• Create a Lead Offer that converts
• Collect highly qualified emails

Crush Facebook Advertising

• How to craft top performing ads
• Easily run your own Facebook Ads
• Optimization & scaling framework

Build Excitement For Launch

• Build a sense of community
• Turn email marketing on autopilot
• Build hype for your launch

Reward & Pricing Strategy

• High converting pricing strategy
• Understand true profit margin
• Find accurate shipping rates

Tracking & Analytics

• Setup your analytics and tracking
• Accurately track ROI
• FREE Google Analytics dashboard

Design Your Campaign Page

• Campaign page success framework
• Tricks to increase conversion
• No need for a designer

Final Launch Prep

• Choose your funding goal
• Getting campaign approved
• Choosing correct launch date & time

How To Have A LaunchBoom

• Launch email strategy
• Hit your goal within 48 hours
• Get free traffic from Kickstarter

Build On Momentum

• Campaign update strategy
• Cross-promotion strategy
• Upselling during the live campaign

Campaign Advertising

• 3 distinct phases for Campaign Ads
• How to Track the ROI of Facebook Ads
• Live campaign landing page funnel

Ending Campaign Strong

• Urgency based email marketing
• End of campaign promotion strategy
• Preparing for post-campaign success

Tap Into Indiegogo InDemand

• Setup your campaign on InDemand
• Tap into InDemand newsletter
• Use secret perks to build high converting funnels

Upsell Your Backers

• Setting up BackerKit 
• Complete upsell strategy
• Setting up BackerKit with Indiegogo InDemand for automated upselling
Plus If You Join Today, You'll Also Receive These Bonuses

BONUS #1: Crowdfunding Video Shortcuts

Learn how to create a 7-Figure Crowdfunding Video:
• Anatomy of a high converting Kickstarter video
• Top performing FILL-IN-THE-BLANK video script templates
• How to shoot your video using your smartphone or inexpensive camera equipment
• How to edit your video using inexpensive software

BONUS #2: PR & Influencer Shortcuts

Learn The Viral PR Method
• How to identify media contacts using Facebook & LinkedIn
• Tap into viral Facebook Pages
• Leverage credibility to tap into higher tier PR outlets
• Includes outreach templates and spreadsheet to organize
Learn To Influence The Influencers
• How to research top influencers on Instagram
• A PROVEN outreach strategy that costs you NOTHING
• How to execute on strategy to gather tons of leads

How Much Do These Courses Cost?
  • Crowdfunding Masterclass ($4,997 Value)
  •  Crowdfunding Video Shortcuts ($997 Value)
  •  PR & Influencer Shortcuts ($997 Value)
Total value: $6,991
Our Students Are Seeing Results...
And for a limited time, you can get LIFETIME access to LaunchBoom Academy
  • Become A Crowdfunding Master - learn how the most innovative entrepreneurs and big businesses are using crowdfunding to have massive product launches.
  • Get Direct Access To My Team - ask the LaunchBoom team any questions you have at any time. We’re always here to support you with your launch.
  •  Join An Elite Community - join the ranks of the top entrepreneurs using crowdfunding to launch their products and take their businesses to the next level.
  • ​Learn The Secrets To A 7-Figure Video - we’ll breakdown the exact process to producing a 7-Figure crowdfunding video
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